How To Get A Wage Garnishment for an Employee of Fidelity National Title Company in Roseville CA


California Private Investigator Lance Casey is a Judgment Collection Specialists

Lance was assigned a judgment by a local car dealership.  The Notice of Entry of Judgment was entered in Placer County on 2/6/2013.  The judgment amount is $1500.00 principal and $170.00 costs on plaintiffs claim.

Your Original Judgment Amount:$
The Date Your Judgment Was Entered:
Annual Interest Rate: %
Daily Interest You Are Earning:
Number of Days Since You Won Your Judgment:
Interest You Have Earned On Your Judgment:
Value of Your Judgment Today:

Judgment Balance Due on 9/16/2021:  

$1,670.00 (Judgment Amount)

$1,438.49 (Interest)

Total:  $3,108.49

wage garnishment laws by state2

Private Investigator Lance Casey conducted a judgment debtor evaluation to locate their social security number, employer, bank accounts, real estate and other assets to seize.  The judgment debtor’s current address and employer Fidelity National Title Company was located in Roseville California

Here are the steps Lance is using to get a California wage garnishment on this small claims judgment

  1. Complete and file original & 2 copies Memorandum of Costs After Judgment (MC-012)

  2. Complete and file original & 2 copies of  Writ of Execution (EJ-130) $40 filing fee.

  3. File endorsed (stamped copy) of judgment.

  4. Send above documents with a self addressed stamped envelope to Bill Santucci Justice Center 10820 Justice Center Drive Roseville, CA 95678.

  5. Complete Application for Earnings Withholding Order (Wage Garnishment) (WG-001).

  6. Confidential Statement of Judgment Debtor’s Social Security Number (WG-035)

writ of execution1

An “Earnings Withholding Order packet” must be served on Fidelity National Title Company by Placer County sheriff or registered process server. This packet includes the Writ of Execution (EJ-130), which must be valid at the time it is served on the employer. Be sure to time this properly, so that the packet is not served to the employer more than 180 days after the Writ of Execution (EJ-130) is issued. The Placer County Sheriff requests that you give them the packet no more than 120 days after the Writ of Execution (EJ130) is issued, so they have enough time to serve the employer before it expires. To have your documents served by the sheriff, bring the following items to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office 2929 Richardson Blvd, Auburn CA  95603: 


  • Original Writ of Execution (EJ-130) 

  • Original Application for Earnings Withholding Order (WG-001) 

  • Confidential Statement of Judgment Debtor’s Social Security Number (WG-035) (if debtor’s Social Security Number is known) 

  • Cash or check for service fee (currently $35) 

placer county sheriff civil division

The Placer County Sheriff will provide copies of the additional required documents, including:

  • Earnings Withholding Order (WG-002) • Employer’s Return (Wage Garnishment) (WG-005) 

  • Employee Instructions (Wage Garnishment) (WG-003) 

The Sheriff will issue the Earnings Withholding Order (WG-002) based on our application. We will note the Levying Officer’s file number on the order.

The Employer will complete and sign the Employer’s Return (Wage Garnishment) (WG-005), and give it to the Sheriff, who will mail it to you. At the end of the process, you will have a “packet” for your files, which will include:

  • Writ of Execution (EJ-130) 
  • Application for Earnings Withholding Order (Wage Garnishment) (WG-001) 
  • Earnings Withholding Order (WG-002) 
  • Employer’s Return (WG-005) 
  • Employee Instructions (WG-003)

Do You Have an Uncollected Judgment?

Complete the Judgement Debtor Evaluation Form Below –  This evaluation will locate the judgment debtor, judgment debtor’s social security number (Confidential Statement of Judgment Debtor’s Social Security Number WG-035) and determine if the judgment debtor has any assets, jobs, businesses, real estate or anything else to seize.

Judgement Debtor Profile Worksheet

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Enter the county & state where the judgement was obtained. Example: Sacramento County California
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