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The police can really help prosecutors find witness to crimes, and they do a great job using evidence to find suspects, but sometimes something is missing. The defense will realize that some key evidence, or a key witness, just isn’t there. This is enough for a defense attorney to create reasonable doubt.

 In order to prove that their clients are innocent, however, they have to conduct criminal defense investigations.

 A key component of a criminal defense investigation is the private investigator. It becomes their job to find this key witness or evidence that can create reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt causes the jury to not know for sure that a defendant is guilty of the crime they have been charged.

 When private investigators are used by attorneys they make sure to understand everything about the charges and the law related to the crime committed. When they understand the case they go over everything the defense team received from the prosecutor.

criminal defense investigation

Criminal Defense Investigation

Throughout the criminal defense investigation the private investigator looks through the police reports, the paperwork, and all the evidence, photographs, phone messages, and statements related to the case. Their goal is to look for any inconsistencies between witnesses, or false conclusions drawn from evidence.


The private investigator may also choose to visit the crime scene and see if anything was missed by the police. They may also interview witnesses themselves to verify their stories and ensure they were not swayed in to speaking negatively of the defendant.


Any inconsistency or ulterior motive discovered during the course of this criminal defense investigation may become part of the defense for the client. They are also able to look into anything they discover, such as new evidence or witnesses.

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There are some cases where these witnesses have to be found first. In other cases they need to conduct interviews or perform background checks. There are also cases where the private investigator handles the parts of the criminal defense investigation that they are uniquely qualified for. This means that the rest of the defense team can focus solely on the legal proceedings and any other cases they might have.

 A good private investigator performing a thorough criminal defense investigation and ensure that innocent people are not found guilty. They do so without taking up more time in the busy schedule of a defense attorney. Basically bringing in a private investigator in to the criminal defense investigation ensures that the defense attorney focuses on the court, while the investigator focuses on the investigation.

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