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How To Find Someone’s Address?

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  • List any names that the subject uses.
  • Include the full addresses of the subject. Including city state zip. List City & State if complete address is unknown. List unknown if you don't have any address information.
  • List any know associates of that may have shared an address with the subject. This could be a family member or friend.
  • Describe the reason for you people search. Example: Need new address of defendant to serve them a small claims lawsuit.


How To Find Someone’s Address?

People Search – Skip Trace Search

Before the Internet, it was really hard to find people. Today, you can find almost anyone in a matter of seconds, but only when you have the right tools. You could spend days scouring the Internet or you could enlist the help of People Search and find what you need in just minutes. This product is designed to make it easier for everyone to find just about anyone, no matter how much (or how little) information they have on hand.

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With People Search, you can search by name, phone, address, email address, work information, family, and other criteria to help you locate a specific person. If you’re looking for a current address, you can also use previous address history to see if you can trace their whereabouts. Plus, the tool is easy to use and the team at Lance Casey & Associates will be there to help you every step of the way in case you get stuck or can’t find what you need.

“Everyone has a digital footprint […] Because I am a private investigator, I have access to this information on law enforcement type databases that are not available to the public.” -People Search creator and CEO, Lance Casey. People Search helps you track those footprints with ease.