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Should I Hire The Best Sacramento Process Server Lance Casey & Associates or the Sacramento County Sheriff Department Civil Division to Serve My Civil Process Papers?

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Lance Casey & Associates When Is Your Office Open?

I am available to meet you 24/7 to pick up your civil process papers. Our office is located at 2386 Fair Oaks Blvd. Sacramento Ca 95825. I am usually at the Carol Miller Justice Center so you can drop off your civil process papers to me there.  The Sacramento County Sheriff Department Civil Division Public counter hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm, excluding holidays.  I am available for same day process service.

Step 2
Can I sent my paperword by email, internet, or fax?

Yes. Fax your documents to (916) 244-2636, email documents to  I can also meet you and pick up the paperwork.  At this time, certain legal constraints and technological obstacles prevent the Sheriff from accepting fees and civil process by electronic transmission.  

Step 3
How Long To Serve My Civil Process?

We serve 24/7. Our first attempt is usually the same day.  The Sheriff can not guarantee when or if service will be made. A high volume of process and/or a shortage of personnel may hamper the sheriffs departments efforts to expeditiously serve your process.


Civil Process Includes:

Child Custody Papers

Divorce Papers

CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service

Summons and Complaints

SC-100 Small Claims Forms

Restraining Orders

Eviction Notices

Bank Garnishment (writ of execution)

Earnings Withholding Order

Skip Trace

Stake Outs

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Rates: Sacramento Area Process Service $125, Sacramento Court Filling $100.  Please fill in the applicable fields on the process service order form.  Once you have submitted your process service order form, scan and email your PDF documents (jpeg files are not accepted) to or fax them to 916-244-2636.  I will call you and obtain payment over the phone.  Prepayment is required.  Process service includes Residential or Business service with (3) attempts per address per named defendant, except any government agencies and agents for service.  Government agencies and agents for service receive only 1 attempt for the rate charged.  Court filings receive 1 attempt for the rate charged.  Errors or omissions of any kind in either documents or client instructions are the sole responsibility of the client.

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    Civil Process Papers Service Providers

    Service providers are entities that specialize in the department of serving documents that are known as civil process papers. These legal documents include complaints, writs, citations, subpoenas as well as other documentation that have been issued by a court to an individual that has been specified in the document. Typically, the individual that serves these types of documents are regarded as impartial third parties at CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service.

    In certain cases, only a constable or sheriff will be permitted to serve specific types of civil process papers. The laws that regulate these process services can vary according to the state and a few states require a license in order to do so.

    For example, in the state of Texas, companies or individuals that provide a process service has to be licensed that involves continuing mandated training, education and the successful passing of a licensed examination. When in search of a process-service provider it is advisable to search for the ones that are able to show their commitment to this trade in the way of professional associations, continuing education as well as other involvement that is ongoing in this industry.

    The service providers in this field in most cases will offer other types of legal services and the process serving will form a part of the business that they operate. One of these examples would be private investigators that typically serve civil and legal process papers and at the same time conduct their private investigations.

    Sworn peace-officers like sheriffs, constables and marshals are also commonly used to serve civil process papers, particularly when a document known as a writ necessitates detaining possessions or an individual in the portion of this process. In a few of the states, there are individuals who are non-licensed that are permitted to serve process documents during process server hours of operation that are civil that are limited to a certain amount each year, provided they are not associated parties in the said case.


    Need help getting them out?  I’ll be happy to locate and serve your unlawful detainers.

    Need help serving a subpoena?  Whether a person or business records, I’ll get it done.

    Need help getting paid?  Allow me to find those who owe and make sure you get paid.

    Need help communicating a restraining order?  Harassment, violence, and temporary.

    Need help issuing a summons?  I will locate and serve your Sacramento S&C or S&P.

    Need help getting someone to appear?  Hire a true professional and get real results.

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    The Lance Casey Difference

    Civil Process Server

    In a city like Sacramento, process servers Sacramento come a dime a dozen.  

    This makes sense, as there is a relatively low barrier to entry.  The only real requirements are to complete the registration process and pay the associated fees.

    This is exactly why it can be so hard to find highly capable civil process server.  With such simple requirements, it is an attractive occupation for many looking for a new stream of income.

    However, this means that those shopping for this service need to be wary of civil process servers who are largely unqualified.

    Avoid “Cheap Sacramento Process Servers”

    When you purchase “cheap” anything, you risk sacrificing quality.

    In a big city, that’s not what you want to if you need someone to serve legal papers.  Sacramento is fully of people who need more money.  By making price your number one priority, you limit yourself to the proverbial bottom of the barrel.

    If you have important papers that need to be served, these are the types of people you want to stay away from.

    Otherwise, you’re likely to end up paying someone else to get the job done when they prove that they can’t.  Then what did you gain in the first place?

    civil process server

    Hire Lance Casey to serve you papers and you’ve got someone who knows exactly how to get the job done.

    In addition to being one of Sacramento’s best process servers, I am a private investigator. 

    In fact, you might say I am one of Sacramento’s best process servers because I am also a private investigator. 

    With over 25 years experience carrying out investigations of all kinds, I have a real leg up when it comes to locating those that need to be served.  Finding people has been a part of my job description for half my life. 

    If you need someone who can root out a slippery character, I am your man.

    The level of investigative experience I have speaks for itself.  And considering that is the most difficult part of serving legal papers, I’m far better equipped than the average process server to handle your request.