how to find a good process server sacramento

How To Find A Good Process Server?

Sacramento’s #1 Process Service Company 5-Star Legal Support Company formerly known as Lance Casey & Associates states.  “Need a good process server in the Sacramento California area to serve your legal documents? The process is easy. Just email or Fax (916) 244-2636 your documents.  We can even pick up your documents if you’re in the Sacramento area. After we print your documents, we will call you and obtain payment over the phone. Our first attempt is usually the same day.”

5-Star Legal Support Services

Sacramento’s #1 Legal Support Services by Lance Casey & Associates. Process Service, Corporate Document Filing, Document Retrieval Services, Apostille Authentication Services, Skip Trace Search, Private Investigation.

We Serve Legal Documents to California Registered Agents for Service of Process; CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service, Corporation Service Company, Prentice Hall Corporation Systems, The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc., Sundoc Filings, Incorporating Services ltd, National Corporate Research ltd. Inc, Cogency Global Inc., Formerly Known as National Corporate Research

How To Order Process Service?

  • Email your documents with instructions to
  • Fax your documents with instructions to (916) 244-2636
  • or Complete The Form Below To Order Process Service
  • Please provide the total number of entities/persons being served.
  • List each entity/person being served. The names provided will be included on the proof of service form.
  • Identify each document being served. This list will be included on the proof of service form.
  • Please total the number of document pages to be printed. Example: 100 page document with 5 defendants = 500 pages. Your order includes up to 20 pages. Each page above 20 pages are 25 cents per page.
  • Please provide the address to serve the documents.
  • Please provide the address to mail the signed proof of service form.
  • Drop files here or
    Upload file here. You can email your file to or fax to (916) 244-2636.