Have you ever thought that someone was tracking you?

Have you thought that you have been the victim of eavesdropping or surveillance inside you own home or office?

A GPS audio transmitting device is easily purchase online or from local Spy Shop.  The system is easy-to-use, has its own power supply and you can listen to the system from anywhere in the world by simply calling the installed SIM card.  When secretly deployed and hidden, the device lays dormant. When called it is activated and all conversations are transmitted to the caller’s mobile phone.  Many private homes are bugged by individuals when trying to access confidential information like an untrusting or divorcing partner an enemy an employer or organization.

GPS tracking device which can easily be mounted underneath a vehicle to monitor its position using a smartphone and Google Maps anywhere in the world.  If you believe someone is following you or or knows where you have been, it is feasible a tracking device may have been mounted on your vehicle.

Tracking devices and bugs can be very small items and easily hidden inside of furniture inside a radio TV speaker or any other similar items.  They can also take the form of an electrical device such as a cell phone charger, calculator,clock or power outlet. If you're not looking for it you're not going to find it.  We can help. Call us today.

Where would a tracking device be on a car?

Have you ever thought that someone was tracking you?  GPS tracking devices are commonly used in tracking cheating partners.  The GPS trackers are small as a pager and run on their own battery power.  The units can be hidden almost anywhere on a car.

where would a tracking device be on a car

How to detect listening devices in my home?

Have you thought that you have been the victim of eavesdropping or surveillance inside you own home?  Our TSCM technicians can help you. Use our Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures, Bug Sweeps & Electronic Counter Surveillance Services to detect and remove electronic eavesdropping devices (Bugs).  We utilize state-or-the-art equipment to perform inspections and bug sweeps which identify various types of audio and video interception devices


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Radio Scanners Handheld Anti-Spy Wireless RF Signal Detector for Emergency/Weather Alert GSM Audio Bug Sweeper Finder Radio Scanner GPS Tracker (K11)

sweep for bugs

What is TSCM?

TSCM stands for Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures, abbreviated by the US federal government. It is a term for the technical security countermeasures and surveillance countermeasures undertaken by entities that have received training in technical surveillance countermeasures to detect disengage and remove electronic spying equipment such as bugs, eavesdropping gadgets, software security weaknesses etc. The main purpose of TSCM is to eliminate and safeguard against security hazards.

Here are the most common types of technology used in a bug sweep:

- Mustimeters, to measure device components and power supplies

- Frequency scanners, to check the electromagnetic spectrum that allows for scanning of any unusual signals

- Time-domain reflectometer (TDR), to test the stability of communication cables including telephone lines

- Oscilloscope that provides visuals of signals

- X-ray machine to check the interior of walls and objects

- Nonlinear junction detector (NLJD) to detect equipment linked with covert listening devices

- IT security tools and equipment to investigate cyber security threats

- Infrared thermography, to detect heat emitted from active surveillance components.

- Tools to manually disassemble walls and objects to scrutinize their content(s).

- Flashlight, a key tool for a thorough sweep of darker areas where bugs may be concealed.

- Vector signal analyzer and spectrum analyzer, to conduct advanced analyses of threatening and benign RF signals.

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