Sacramento Private Investigator Services

Lance Casey & Associates is a California Private Investigator who can provide onsite and online investigation services.  We provide investigation services to individuals, businesses, attorneys & paralegals.

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  • Criminal Defense investigations.  I have conducted over 500 Criminal Defense investigations ranging from murder, rape, robbery, burglary, assault, DUI and many other crimes. 

  • Domestic surveillance, which can include nanny cams, caregiver background checks, security surveillance, and many other types of investigations ensure that you and everyone in your home remain safe.

  • Personal injury investigations, which attempt to find out how an injury has occurred.

  • Workers compensation investigations, which try to put a stop to insurance fraud.

  • Background checks, which try to determine whether those people you trust with your business or personal life really are deserving of the faith you put in them.

  • Asset searches, which try to uncover hidden funds and valuables owned by debtors, companies, and individuals.

  • Missing persons investigations.

  • Child custody and child abuse investigations, which can be used to attempt to uncover possible negligence and mistreatment of minors.

  • Marital investigations, which can include everything from partner surveillance to domestic abuse investigations, pre marital investigations, and cheating spouse investigations.

Hire Online Private Investigator

Find A SSN

Full SSN for any legal purpose, including 1099, collections, litigation & child support.

License Plate Lookup

Current vehicle ownership records for 38 states, direct from DMV.

Hidden Assets

Uncover hidden bank and brokerage accounts, place of employment & more..

Public Records

Online search for accuracy including, property, bankruptcy, liens, judgments and civil lawsuits.

People Searches

Find a current address for any person from a variety of verified sources..

Phone Number Lookup

Online search by investigators in real-time, typically reserved for law enforcement.

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