What Can I Do if My Ex Is Working Under the Table & Not Paying Child Support?

Proving Your Ex Is Working Under the Table in Sacramento area.

It may be possible to prove that your ex is working under the table. You can hire Lance Casey & Associates who is a private investigator to follow your ex and collect evidence that he is working on a regular basis. Also, after you file an enforcement motion, the court may permit you to subpoena the company where your ex works and require the company to provide copies of payroll statements. In some instances, you may even be able to subpoena your ex's bank statements to show regular cash deposits. You need the court's permission to issue these types of subpoenas. Occasionally, the court will issue the subpoena on its own. To be certain that you are not breaking any laws or violating your ex's privacy, it is best to seek out the services of an attorney if you want to prove your ex is not reporting all of his income.

How can I prove that my ex is working?

The typical case I investigate involve a person who is either self employed, working for someone under the table or claims to be disabled.  The person is able to hid their income to avoid child support.

Hire a Private Investigator in Sacramento to follow your ex to proof that they are working.

I was hired by a woman to determine if her children's father was working.  She said that he claimed to be disabled and unable to work his landscaping business.  He had filed a action in court to get his child support reduced.  The children had told her that their father still went to work every day.

I started surveillance on the father early in the morning.  He came outside, hooked up the trailer containing his landscaping equipment to his truck and drove away.  I followed the father the whole day as he went to different job sites and cut their grass.  These actions were captured on video.

During the next few days, I returned to the houses where he cut their grass and contacted several of the occupants.  These occupants were interviewed regarding the father having an ongoing contract to provide landscaping services.  I documented these statements in a written report.  I provided the video and the statements to the client as evidence for court.

Ready To Hire A Private Investigator to Prove Your Ex is Working?