Do process servers work on weekends?

Do process servers work on weekends?

Yes.  I work 7 days a week.  Weekends are the best days to serve legal documents because most people work during the week and are home on weekends.

Does the sheriff’s department serve on weekends?

No.  They serve documents Monday-Friday 8-5.  The sheriff may not be your best option in getting your documents served.  Their price may be the cheapest but you get better service working with us.  We can provide last minute process service and we can meet up with you in the Sacramento area to pick up your legal documents.

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Can a process server serve you on a Sunday? 

Yes.  There is not a rule in California that limits the times for service of process.  We served this subpoena for personal appearance on a Sunday.

What time can a process server serve papers?

We are able to serve papers 24 hours a day.  The earliest we served papers was 5am and the latest was 12:30am.