How to Avoid Being Scammed by Getting an Intellicorp Background Check

Intellicorp Background Check

It reaches a point in your life, when realize you need a life partner, friends, or relationship, but your busy schedule will not allow you to meet new people. However, this should not worry you as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, it is possible to connect and interact with people of the same interest. Some people have been lucky finding their love online while others have encountered life-damaging experience that leads to loss of lives, money, and more heartbroken than ever.

online dating background check

Intellicorp background checks are a process of analyzing and verifying people’s backgrounds in order to find out if they are genuine. For you to find a potential partner, you have to visit dating site and start up your profile, stating your preferences and then start chatting with new people. Online dating is not a face-to-face interaction as people chat through text messages, audio calls, or video calls. It is therefore easy for someone to meet scammers who are corn, players, or serial killers because they view online daters as desperate individuals who are looking for an escape route to happily ever after.

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Online dating flow

After signing up to online dating, that means providing the necessary information, you can start chatting with members online and ensure that you know what you are looking for. Do not exchange your contact on the first day you can chat online for a couple of days, and in the process, you can verify if the person is serious about starting a relationship. It is always advisable to provide your contacts once background checks have been done and the results turn out positive.

How to avoid being scammed

Online dating is a tedious process because you cannot accept someone on the spot you have to do a thorough background check to ensure the person is genuine. In order to avoid being scammed here are some tips to learn from:

You should verify the profile photos

Internet Dating Background check

A genuine person will upload their photos on their profile, but this does not mean they are not scammers. For you to be sure you can do image search on Google and if the profile photos do not match those of Google, then it is probably time to end the conversation.

Avoid joining dating sites when feeling vulnerable

Being heartbroken, having financial setbacks, or feeling lonely are some of the situations that make people join online dating sites. When a person is feeling vulnerable, he or she cannot make informed decisions, which may have a negative impact in the future. Make sure your conscious is clear and you are emotionally strong before signing up.

Keep your sensitive information confidential

In order to be on the safe side, do not give your personal details to strangers. Keep your phone number, email address, back account details private, and if someone asks this information before you meet face-to-face, stay away from them.

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