Sacramento Police Radio Codes

Sacramento Police Radio Codes

Sacramento, California, like many other law enforcement agencies, uses a set of radio codes and signals to communicate more efficiently over the radio. These codes are typically used by police officers and other emergency personnel to convey information quickly and without unnecessary detail. However, it’s important to note that the specific radio codes and signals can vary from one agency to another, and they may change over time. If you’re listening to Sacramento police radio transmissions, you might hear the following common codes:

187 Homicide
207 Kidnap
211 Robbery
215 Carjacking
242 Battery
245 Assault
246 Shoot Into Inhabited Dwelling
247 Shoot into an Unoccupied Vehicle
261 Rape
273 Child Neglect
273.5 Domestic Violence
288 Other Sex Crimes
290 Sex Offender-High Risk
414 keep the Peace
415 Disturbing the Peace-Clarify
415DV Domestic Violence-Verbal Only
415E Noise Disturbance-No Violence
415F Family Disturbance
417 Brandishing
447 Arson
459 Burglary
476 Forgery
480 Hit and Run (Felony)
481 Hit and Run (Misdemeanor)
484 Petty Theft
487 Grand Theft
496 Possession of Stolen Property
502 Drunk Driver
503 Stolen Vehicle
505 Reckles Driver
594 Vandalism
5150 Mental Subject
647B Prostitution-Solicitation Only
901 Vehicle Accident
901A Vehicle Accident-Injuries
901AB Vehicle Accident into Building
903 Abandoned Vehicle
905 Traffic Control
906 On Scene
907 On Reports
908 Out of Service/Unavailable
908A Out of Service/Available
909 In Service/Available
910 Prowler
912 Vehicle License Check
913 Vehicle Registration Information
914A Private Residence
914E Urgent Telephone Message
921 Car Clout
922 Drunk Subject
923 Indecent Exposure
924 En route to Jail or Headquarters
925 Location
926 Dead Body
927 Suspicious Persons or Circumstances
928 Narcotic Activity
933 Burglary Alarm
936 Warrants Check
936F Subject Wanted for Felony
936M Subject Wanted for Misdemeanor
939 Confidential Information for Officer Only
940 Meet the Officer
940A Meet the Citizen
940S Meet the Supervisor
941 Prisoner In Custody by Officer or Citizen
941P Prisoner In Custody-Felony/415 Involved
945 Medical Aid
945P Medical Aid-Suspect on Scene
952 Incompete Call for Police
952A Silen Panic Alarm-Residene
952R Ringing Panic Alarm-Residence
952PP Incomplete Call for Police from Payphone
952V Panic Alarm-Vehicle
970A Unoccupied Vehicle in Violation Zone
970B Unoccupied Vehicle Blocking Driveway
971 Suspicious Vehicle-Occupied
971W Suspicious Vehicle-Occupied-Weapon
972 At-Risk Missing Person
972FAX Missing Person-Faxed Report
972R Missing Person-Report
978 Driver License Check
981 Welfare Check
983 Check on Hazard
992 Transportation
992E Errand
994 Bomb Threat
994D Explosive Device
995 Fire/Medics Needed
996 Found Property
AMBER Amber Alert
ATTPU Attempt Pickup/Warrant Service
AU All Units Broadcast
AD All Divisions Broadcast
AZ All Zones Broadcast
CODE 900 Dire Emergency
CODE 1000 Silent Robbery Alarm
CODE 1 Perform Critical Activity Only
Code 2 Urgent Call. Do Not Delay But Obey All Traffic Regulations
CODE 3 Emergency Call-Red Lights and Sirens
CODE 4 No Further Assistance Needed-Stable
CODE 7 Request Permission to Eat
CODE 8 Request Transit on a Specific Channel
CODE 10 Return to Normal Duty
CODE 12 Sergeant Advisal of Delayed Call
CODE 93 Code 3 Cover-Outside Agencies

These are just a few examples of the many radio codes and signals that may be used by Sacramento police. If you’re interested in monitoring police radio communications, we live stream Sacramento area police scanner traffic and frequently video the police activity. 

You can watch our live streams on Tiktok and YouTube.

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Sacramento Police Radio Codes

Sacramento Police Radio Codes Sacramento, California, like many other law enforcement agencies, uses a set of radio codes and signals to communicate more efficiently over the radio. These codes are

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