How Online Skip Tracing Can Get You Your Money

How Online Skip Tracing Can Get You Your Money

After you succeed in obtaining a judgment against a defendant, you are entitled to collect on the money owed to you through that judgment. That sounds easy enough, right? Then you find out your defendant is nowhere to be found. That is, they are not unless you implement online skip tracing.

What is online skip tracing? This is a service performed by licensed private investigators. It makes use of many online databases and resources which are not readily available to the public. They do not work the way a basic search online does. They dig deeper so that your defendant can be located, the address information can be verified, and your money collected.

online skip tracing

To get an online skip tracing search performed, simply ask the private investigator for this quick and easy service. It will not cost much, just a nominal fee, but the results are worth every penny.

Imagine being able to get the money you are owed for that personal lawsuit. It provides you with the financial restitution the court gave to you. There are other instances where skip tracing can be helpful, too.

Have you lost track of a loved one? People have falling outs with loved ones all the time. Sometimes, it results in the heartbreak of losing touch. They move away and do not notify you in advance. Maybe you do not want to disrupt their lives, but you do wish to know where they are and that they are all right. A skip trace can help.

The PI will use the same type of online databases that law enforcement uses. These searches quickly and accurately locate your loved one and their new address. The information gets verified and you can then have greater peace of mind.

Most searches can be ordered online and paid for as well. Ask about skip tracing and get the information you need today.

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