Process Server Jobs Near Me

Process Server Jobs Near Me

Are you a process server and want more process server jobs in your area?

I make a good living process serving in the Sacramento California area.  I get the majority of my process serving clients online.

I work for attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, businesses and people filing their own legal cases.

In this video I will show you how to research your county court records to find small claims clients to market to.  You will also see me make a phone call to a small claims plaintiff.

You may work for one of the following large process serving firms:

  • First Legal Network LLC
  • ABC Legal, Inc
  • Professional Civil
  • Process (PCP)
  • EZ Messenger
  • Lawgistics
  • Proof
  • Firefly Legal

Are you happy with the small amount they pay you for multiple service attempts?  

They can fire you at any time for any reason.  I know  a process server personally who was one of their top servers.  He was fired without notice and they wouldn’t even tell him why they let him go.

Learn How To Get Your Own Process Server Clients.

How To Get My Own Process Serving Clients

I have an advanced process serve niche marketing course where I will teach you how to get your own process server clients.  This is a 4 week course where you will learn how to find a niche, how to build websites, make videos, market on social media and many other techniques to get clients to call you.

One of my process server niches is CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service.  I serve them 2-3 cases each day.

Process Server Niche Marketing Course

Advanced Marketing Course For Process Servers.
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